What are cookies?

Cookies are files sent to a browser from a web server. They are only associated with your browser and do not provide personal data by themselves. They are used to register user activities and are very useful, as they help us improve the functionality and performance of our website and identify and solve errors.

What types of cookies are there?

Depending on its function and features we can distinguish:

  1. Cookies for internal use
    They are necessary for the operation of the Web and the services that it includes. They may be:

    1. Session cookies: They are used to store information that is only necessary for the provision of the service requested by the user on a single occasion (e.g. a list of purchased products).
    2. Technical and functional cookies: They are strictly necessary to navigate the site and use their different options or services. Collect information such as user ID per session, parameters needed to navigate, security elements during navigation, etc .
  • Analysis Cookies
    They are used to analyze the user’s browsing habits, with the aim of optimizing functionalities and the technical and operational maintenance of the Webs, to guarantee the best possible service. They collect data such as the technology profile of the device, the origin of the Web access, browsing activity and used search terms.
  • Advertising cookies
    They help to improve and manage the exposure of the user to advertisements, if necessary, avoiding, for example, that appear ads that the user has already seen. They collect information about the interaction with the website (requested service, date and time), type of browser and language, geographical location, etc.
  • Behavioral advertising cookies.

They are used to personalize advertising campaigns and display advertisements that fit the user’s preferences. They
collect information like the ip address, operating system type, browser type, visited pages, etc.

  • Links to social networks
    They allow to link and share certain web contents with social networks like Twitter, Facebook, etc., storing the information only in them.

Depending on the responsible for their use, cookies may be:

Own cookies: They are sent to the user’s browser from a web server or domain managed by the publisher itself and from which the requested service by the user is provided.

Third party cookies: They are sent to user’s browser from a web server or domain that is not managed by the editor, it is another entity who treats the data obtained through the Cookies.

What cookies do we use?

In our website ( we use:

  • Internal Cookies (session, technical and functional) They are necessary to ensure the proper operation, improve navigation through the different services and achieve a proper user perception.
  • Analytical Cookies They allow us to know the use of our page and the user’s browsing habits so that we can improve our services and adapt them to the needs and characteristics of those who are interested in them.
  • We do not use advertising cookies

How can I manage the use of cookies?

To manage the use of cookies, consult your browser’s help information to find out about the different options you have to do it.

Here you can find links for some of the most common browsers:

Some cookies are necessary for the correct development of certain site’s features ( If you lock their use, it may affect to the ordinary web’s operation.

Updates and changes in cookie policy

  • The cookie policy for our website can be modified according to new legal requirements, regulations or with the purpose of adapting this policy to the instructions dictated by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.
  • When significant changes in the Cookie policy are produced, users will be informed by a notice in the website.